CBD And Women – What Women Want With CBD?

CBD And Women

We think the daily struggles of women are not documented enough. Juggling through the demands of life as a wife, mother, sister, and friend, women make lots of sacrifices, some of which can have adverse impacts on their health.

Unlike the male gender, women are more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. According to a recent scientific report, eight in ten people suffering from autoimmune diseases are women, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The study suggests that sex-biased genes in women contributed to not only increased disease susceptibility but possibly also heightened disease activity.

While conventional medicine is often the go-to for women in need of pharmacological support, alternative medicine is presenting a viable option for women seeking better health and wellness.

Welcome CBD!

Cannabidiol, usually referred to as CBD, is a non-intoxicating chemical compound found in the marijuana and hemp plant. It is extracted from mature hemp plants through a variety of processes and is potent at treating several diseases and conditions that affect women. Scientific research suggests CBD may provide the answers to a variety of women’s health worries like anxiety, stress, hormonal imbalances, and sleep disorders. 

What is CBD Oil?

You must have likely come across CBD in your quest for better health. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the compounds found in the hemp and marijuana plant, and it falls under the category of derivatives called cannabinoids.

Unlike its other well-known co-constituent THC, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it does not cause a euphoric “high” when consumed. CBD does not have any intoxicating effects; instead, it has been found to counteract the high from alcohol or smoking marijuana and the adverse effects of THC in some individuals.

Across the United States, CBD is sold in various forms as CBD oil tinctures, pills, edibles, creams, balms, and more. Most CBD oils sold in the United States are classified as nutritional supplements as they barely contain any THC. To be sure that you are buying legal CBD oil, make sure that it was extracted from hemp, and that it has less than 0.3% THC.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Women

While research on how CBD impacts the body continues to unravel, it is becoming increasingly clear that CBD has therapeutic potential for a host of women’s health conditions.

CBD impacts a network called the endocannabinoid system or ECS for short. The ECS is a system of cannabinoid receptors spread across the vertebrate central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. It is what is responsible for maintaining optimal functionality of bodily functions and balance and is sometimes referred to as the “Master Regulator.” 

CBD is similar to the endocannabinoid in our bodies. It is a phytocannabinoid, and it has a similar structure and function with the endocannabinoids in humans and animals.

CBD impacts the ECS positively by helping to increase the levels of endocannabinoids in the body and improve the ECS functions. ECS regulates biological functions such as sleep, appetite, mood, the immune system, our energy levels, reproduction, and memory. When the ECS falls to low levels due to stress, poor diet, alcohol, and lack of sleep, we can count on CBD to help revive it back to optimal functionality.

CBD also activates non-ECS receptors related to mood, pain, body temperature, and bone density. It is plain to see that CBD can help us address many of the imbalances caused by our varied and hectic lives which are often the backbone for developing diseases.

What Women Want with CBD – CBD for Wellness

Achieving sound wellness involves a combination of activities. For one, a regular diet, adequate exercise, a balanced work routine, and rest are recipes for maintaining healthy wellness.

But what happens when your body seems to be failing and would require support, one that CBD can provide?

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Hormonal Imbalance

CBD has proven efficacy for a variety of symptoms of autoimmune and hormonal conditions that threaten the healthy wellness of women. 

Particularly at that time of the month, some women experience heightened stress and anxiety. Studies show that CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress in menstruating women by activating the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor. CBD also has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and can be used to relieve the discomfort associated with period-related cramps.

CBD plays a significant role in regulating hormonal balance. It supports the ECS to regulate the production of cortisol, which is one of our main stress hormones. By supporting the ECS, CBD helps support hormonal balance.

Sleep Deficiency

Women as gatekeepers of the home are the first to get up and the last to go to bed. Many women suffer from sleep deprivation as a result of this cycle of daily life that can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Lack of sleep is not only bad for our immune system but can also lead to depression or unhealthy eating habits.

To counteract the effect of sleep deprivation, women can engage in relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or take to dieting, and nutritional supplements to help with restful sleep and relaxation.

CBD can help as well. Evidence suggests that CBD in low doses can help to keep you awake while taken in much larger amounts; it helps to put you to sleep. 

So, it is up to you to choose what works for you based on your specific needs. Women dealing with insomnia would want to experiment with increased amounts to see how it reacts with their body system. However, as a rule of thumb, start small and work your way up to determine what works best for you.


CBD’s anti-anxiety effects also make it a useful tool for dealing with the challenges of menopause. But perhaps its most important benefit could come through preventing osteoporosis, the thinning of bones that can happen with hormonal changes after menopause. Studies show that CBD may help improve bone strength and speed up the repair process after fractures.

What Women Want with CBD – CBD for Health

Anxiety and Depression

Being of sound mind and health are often the metrics of judging one’s quality of life, and many women are hindered from reaching that full potential due to underlying ill-health. 

Anxiety and depression are some of the symptoms of the health challenges that women face. The pressure of daily life is leading more women faster to their graves than to good health. 

Studies show a direct link between chronic inflammation and depression and tell of how depression can lead to far-reaching negative consequences for women. 

CBD activates the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor responsible for regulating mood and anxiety and can help to alleviate stress and depression caused by inflammation.

CBD for Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are a collection of illnesses that occur when the immune system starts to attack our bodies rather than fighting off external threats—it affects approximately 24 million people in the United States. Unfortunately, women are more likely to develop an autoimmune disease than men.

Common symptoms include chronic and often debilitating pain, inflammation, and extreme exhaustion.

Many women who suffer from autoimmune diseases find that CBD oil relieves their symptoms. Scientists believe this is probably due to CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation and bring the immune system back into balance again.

CBD is also a powerful antioxidant, which can counteract some of the damage caused by chronic inflammation in the body.

Protected Purchases

Products containing CBD are everywhere – from pet treats to face balms, there is a product for every symptom. While CBD is natural and doesn’t leave users high, the FDA is yet to approve its use for anything other than treating specific types of epilepsy. But, this has not stopped women from turning to the substance for help to deal with women-specific problems. Women have used and are using CBD for stress management, sleep, pain management, and other psychological disorders. 

At Pure Cure Oil, we have made it our mission to advance the well-being of people and to ensure that users get all the information necessary to enable them to make the right choice of products for whatever symptom they may be experiencing. 

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