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Dogs and Cats are some of the best companions man can have. They are often reliable and make for some of the best company.

Now, that’s why they deserve the best care and love when illness strikes.

But, not just when illness strikes. Like you, your furry friends can benefit from the amazing wellness and health properties of CBD. CBD works just as great for them as it does for you. Well… be mindful, the dosing has to be right.

But, not to worry, we’ve got that covered with our range of Pet CBD oils that are specially formulated for pets, large and small. Our CBD oil for pets is packed in two distinct ranges of concentrations to cater for smaller(300mg)and large pets(500mg).

Our pet formulation offers your furry friend a sense of calm and wellness. It is ideal for Pets that are dealing with anxiety disorders, pain conditions and other debilitating conditions.

CBD For Pets

Pet CBD – 500mg

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CBD For Pets

Pet CBD – 300mg

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